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23 previously unavailable Prince albums now streaming.

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Prince’s Albums From 1995-2010 Are Now Streaming: Listen | Pitchfork


His estate released his rare and out-of-print records, plus a new compilation and video
Thank you, @Waitman Gobble
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Nope, Those Aren't Mailboxes: Paris Rolls Out Sidewalk Urinals


The urinals are not at all subtle. They're bright red and placed in heavily trafficked areas — for example, directly next to the Seine near the Notre Dame Cathedral.
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yeah maybe like a tray that slides out the bottom for female users? but there are likely some women pissing on it anyway, either drunk or making a statement.
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CPU makers and their backdoor privilege

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is it possible to trust any mfg?

Hacker Finds Hidden 'God Mode' on Old x86 CPUs


Old VIA C3 chipsets have an undocumented RISC coprocessor that gives you root access from userland if you simply type in four bytes.
open source hollywood. or not

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Hollywood Goes Open Source: Academy Teams Up With Linux Foundation to Launch Academy Software Foundation
by Janko Rottgers on Variety

DCP is open source. its basically a stack of jpeg 2000 images like a flip-book animation, with an index file used to sync the audio. Gigantic expensive digital projectors use these files. anybody can create them, its an open source format.


most independent theaters don't own their projectors. because they cost a freaking fortune. a company such as sony owns them, they are leased. theaters sign an agreement that any DCP file played in the projector must be approved by sony.

the chain theaters have similar agreements.

this makes it incredibly expensive to four-wall a film. an independent company such as netflix faces an uphill battle. they are welcome to pay retail ticket and show their film on a dvd player. which is hella crap resolution on the big screen. and its stereo sound, as in 2 speakers. only. it would probably be cheaper for them to burn cash to heat their buildings than to show films on the big screen.

what is independent? that means you are not owned by the old school hollywood film companies which have an iron fist clutching the industry.

i do not have an axe to grind here, but i saw this article about open source hollywood... :)
learning to crawl

Enjoy every minute. She'll be borrowing the car before you realise it.
on the plane today

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some dude doing the mohawk and jacket from taxi driver. hopefully he got extra strip and b.c. searches. but are the officers going to see that outfit as peculiar?


renting sf bay area update

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My brother lives out there and is paying $2200/month for a 400 square foot/37 square meter studio apartment.  Unbelievable.
yes, very expensive. maybe it's worth it? I've been pretty much living like a nomad in other countries past 18 months or so. I didn't leave the bay area because of money, I just wanted to mix things up in life.
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my friend steven has worked in comedy his whole life. he's old school Sf.:) he used to hang out with a bunch of people like jimi hendrix, johnny winter, janice joplin. robin williams was like his best friend. posts his snapshots. he has interviews with people on if you wanna check it out. he hasn't sent me any new interviews to post in forever but there are some interesting ones there.

but living costs are getting so high in the bay area he's planning on moving.


RIFF-erendum by Steven Pearl and Al Clethen | Comedy Project


Bill KirchenbauerBill Kirchenbauer Interview MP3 Julie McCulloughJulie McCullough Interview MP3 Katsy ChappellKatsy Chappell Interview MP3 “…Steven Pearl is a total nut job. But, he’s also one of the most dedicated and funniest nut-jobs truly “out there”. Pearl is a hybrid comedian.” Read more of this fascinating interview in “Enjoy T...
San Francisco Double

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We had a decent turnout at out Crissy Field event this year. Runners from several countries including Chile, Brazil, England, Italy. We hosted a group from Uganda that promotes sports in their country.

Also, Nob Hill theatre is apparently shutting down.



its a race of runners. we had a 5k and 3k race, and the Double is the 5k, then a break, then the 3k. i help organize the event and do the race timing. i used to use RFID chip timing, but i find it to be inaccurate. i developed the software that records the times and produces the results. USATF doesn't recognize chip time for records anyway. they use gun times only. not sure about the IAAF. they are much more strict so probably not using chip times.

the theatre isn't related except i was staying in the Petit Auberge the night before the race. its about 15 minutes from Crissy field (at 4am anyway) the theatre was nearby. i have never been there but the sign of it closing seems significant. i know alot of stand up comedians in the bay area and many venues have closed over the past few years, people from asia are buying up the properties apparently.

i made it to atlanta so i dont have to stop in cincinnati.
@Waitman Gobble Now I understand everything, without context you are nothing :-)

i developed the software that records the times and produces the results

So, like wish eats pumpkin seeds...  I'm jealous of you :-)
i have never been there but the sign of it closing seems significant.

It has a long history of risque and sexually diverse entertainment.

i made it to atlanta so i dont have to stop in cincinnati.

mozilla dorking up dns

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i'm not in love with cloudflare. should probably disable TRR.

ungleich Blog - Mozilla's new DNS resolution is dangerous


All your DNS traffic will be sent to Cloudflare With their next patch Mozilla will introduce two new features to their Firefox browser they call "DNS over HTTPs" (DoH) and Trusted Recursive Resolver (TRR). In this article we want to talk especially about the TRR. They advertise it as an additional feature which enables security. We think quite the...
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The default OpenSSH key encryption is worse than plaintext
The eslint-scope npm package got compromised recently, stealing npm credentials from your home directory. We started running tabletop exercises: what else wo...
dysmorphia is a thing

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next stop: hell, see you on the other side!

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43°C.... Also known as "the Dutch oven"
now i'm in California, near San Francisco and freezing! sinuses are getting thrashed by all the smoke i presume


Yeah, really cold - best to be on Yeti alert. ;-)
dude on plane

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everybody at the airport wanted their photo with this dude, green hair and tattoos all over with a big Diego on his arm. i had no idea who he was. I did ask him if an item he dropped on the floor was important.

anyway my step daughter knew his name right off the bat, based on my description.

kids these days, right?

Lary Over - Sola [Official Video]
by Carbon Fiber Music on YouTube

other airport celebrities, i once sat at a table next to William H. Macy who was apparently practicing drinking for his role in some show about a deadbeat alcoholic. i tried to keep up with him. i think the bartender favored him over me.

William H. Macy: It's Fun Being Drunk
by CBS on YouTube

another airport celeb, i had this feeling like someone was looking at me and i looked up and saw Halle Berry. which was weird. then a mob of people approached her and she ran into the bathroom.

some people think i look like somebody else, which is weird too.

but she did do the best bond bikini girl scene IMHO

Halle Berry Bikini Scene
by mrsierraleone007 on YouTube

for some reason i always have writing ideas when i'm way high in the sky, in a plane. i wrote them on a napkin. it will go in the napkin box of future writing projects
friend of mine is working on a sculpture

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emoji to add

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ubuntu app store

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i've heard a little about snaps.. i'm not an ubuntu user. but it sounds like they are building their own pay-2-play app store? their marketing push to mainstream makes sense now, fresh windows cross overs ready to buy.

A year on — our experience launching a paid, proprietary product on Linux.


The journey so far
'Quantum Apocalypse'

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Shlomi Dolev @jshieber / 19 hours ago Shlomi Dolev Contributor Shlomi Dolev is the Chair Professor and founder of the Computer Science department of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. He is the author of Self-Stabilization. Shlomi also is a cybersecurity entrepreneur and the co-founder and chief scientist...
Interesting, but I still hold the opinion that if blockchain is the solution to a problem, now you've got two problems.
bad fire in canada

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a friend is there, looks pretty wasted

Today is canned beer day, I decided

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i'm in Los Altos Dominican Republic. i lived for many years in Los Altos California and they are almost identical lol. about 40% of the cars here are Porsches. Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley got married around the corner.

It has become very unusual to drink beer from cans. At least what I can see in Munich, Bavaria.

Here you can see the sign "Ab 16:00 Uhr keine halbe Bier mehr" = "At 4 pm no half beer" (0.5 litre)

It was taken at "Hofbräukeller"

Another strange thing is the naming of the beer "Russ" = Russian and "Neger" = Nigger.
Neger is a name for a black male. This form is now political incorrect. But they stick to it what is NOT a sign of racism here. It is just something strange traditional.

Russ = half lemonade and half wheat beer
Neger = half cola and half wheat bear

On a hot day or after 90 min Fussball I like to drink a "Mass" Russ.
Sorry for spamming... This evening we will meet two Russian relatives of my wife who is Russian. And guess what I will drink? First a "Russ" because it's hot today and I have to cycle 10 km from the office to the Paulaner beer garden, see first photo.

@Waitman Gobble Is it your family on the pictures? Is it a Canon 5D you are using? The one on the first photo above.