Description: Community & Technology Evangelist
Hometown: Verses.Space
Description: G+ 难民
Location: Changde, Hunan, China
Hometown: Changde
Keywords: g+难民
About: INFP
Location: Республика Башкортостан, Россия
About: Я обитаю в Mastodon, он годится для мгновенных сообщений. Hubzilla — это более комплексные не мгновенные записи которые пишутся более чем за пару минут.
Description: the less said
Location: واحه السلام נוה שלום, فلسطين ישראל
About: Vikshepa: Sanskrit for diffusion / confusion / dispersal / distraction.
Hosh:  An anagram of the author's name.
Hubzilla:  The "do everything" system  that powers this site.

The writer has no political, religious, ideological or other agenda.  If content that is shared here or with you proves to be unwelcome or annoying, do whatever you need to do to avoid seeing it, such as disconnecting, blocking, or filtering it out.

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My network-identifiable address is

Messages placed in the channel timeline will mostly be brief, based on longer articles or my link stream. These are also kept on hubzilla.
Description: En este perfil expondré reflexiones entradas de blog y noticias.
Location: Zotlandia
Hometown: La Tierra
About: Me considero muy curioso con poco tiempo.
Description: Tokyoite. Journalist, photographer, editor. Open source and self-hosting hobbyist. Ramen fiend.
Location: Poland
Description: Software Engineer
Location: South Carolina, US
About: I'm a software developer with a focus on web development. I'm into comics, video games, and board games.
Location: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
About: Like totally